For women x women

Lemonaid is a reusable, microwavable heating pad created for women in pain. Heating pads are either too medical or too DIY. Neither are a product that can be used in a public setting. We created a holistic healing heating pad people would be happy to use in a public office and at home.

The Lemonaid is manufactured out of 100% cotton, rice, lavender flowers, and lemon essential oils for a non toxic aromatherapeutic effect.


Branding & Shape inspired byScurvy

English sailors of the 1700s used lemons to treat scurvy, a disease that affects your muscles and joints causing aches and pains. What eases aches and pains? Heating pads!


The branding is playful, colorful & rounded. It speaks directly to the user.


Designed,Manufactured & Distributed

by Helen Burgess & Emiko Inskeep