The Leuk Armchair is a white blood cell (Leukocyte) inspired chair covered in my own novel fabric created with silicone and linen.

The Leuk Armchair is a 9 month, independent project that started with material exploration and ended with Leuk on display for Drexel University at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, 2017. 



“ Helen Burgess, a student at Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, didn’t just think about the feeling of the seat when designing her Leuk Chair. She also considered the tactile experience of your hands while seated. It is upholstered with Burgess’ silicone fabric, that’s precisely positioned so the user can sit and pet the sides while lounging. Speaking of protecting the body from foreign invaders, the chair’s shape was inspired by leukocytes, aka white blood cells. Its frame was created by cutting foam on a router and then stacking, carving and sanding it into the desired shape.”

- Design Within ReacH

“Silicon and felt merge to create this otherworldly chair by Helen Burgess. Before you touch it, you’re not sure what to expect, but when you finally do, it’s hard to keep your hands off it!”

- Core77