This whimsical whisk fits perfectly into any drawer or utensil jar. If Mr. Pickle went into production the whisk head would also be retractable for even more compact storage. 


Why a Pickle?

The New York Deli, and pickle, brings joy to generations of New Yorkers.


I took my inspiration for this whisk from the Delicatessens of NYC. New York can be a stressful place,  but a New York Deli is friendly and familiar.



It is a place that is passed down generation to
generation, creating a feeling of nostalgia and comfort. A pickle, served in every deli with almost every order, is an emblem for the New York Deli.

Manifesting joy

Pickles create a moment of joy when served with
a New Yorkers’ favorite sandwich, and I aim to
replicate that feeling with my whisk.



Creating Mr. Pickle

The premise of my project was to create a whisk for the small New York apartment. I learned early on from target users that the size of a whisk to a certain point didn't matter, it was more about the function and bringing some joy into a stressful environment, but still inspired by the city they love. 


Both target users wanted their whisk to make them smile to counter balance the stress they sometimes encounter on the streets of NYC.



I gave the handles to my target users, and after taking their feedback developed three out of the 20 handles. I then revisited my target users. The users picked the whisk inspired by the Deli Pickle.

Molding and Modeling

I wanted my whisk to be as authentic and repeatable as possible. So I started making sculpey models and casting those. 


However, I quickly realized I wasn't satisfied with the results and switched to casting the real thing, a cucumber that I hand picked for feel and shape.


Personal Ties

To stay as true to the eccentricity of New York City, I hand gold leafed my whisk. Gold leafing was actually something my grandpa did for a living at his contracting company out of the Bronx, which personally tied me to this product and New York City.


Final product

I am very proud of the outcome of this project and I think it encapsulates the feeling of joy and nostalgia of a New York City Delicatessen, while still speaking to New York's eccentric culture. In the end this whisk made my target users smile, which is always my highest goal.